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Share in the adventures of Archie the Gull & his best friend Max the Crab, as they are joined by Archie’s long-time love, Gracie the Gull, along with a host of other loveable creatures. Together they take on life and all the fun that living by the sea provides...

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Archie the Gull

Archie the Gull is one of a kind. He is adventurous and yet doesn’t like to travel too far from home. He enjoys long walks on the beach and being chief menu taster for the local restaurants. Unfortunately for Archie, his best friend Max the Crab is never far away and is always ready to torment him. Happily, his long-time love Gracie the Gull is a steadying and calming influence in his life as they take on life by the sea.

Max the Crab

Max is a cheeky crab with a mischievous nature. He never tires of exploring either land or sea. He loves to play practical jokes – particularly on Archie the Gull, who never sees them coming. Archie has been his best friend for as long as Max can remember, although Archie sometimes wishes he’d had Max for lunch when they first met.

Gracie the Gull

Their eyes met over a calm sea at sunset, and it was love at first sight for Archie. Gracie began to see his charms when he began bringing her the best fish of the day, and little by little she began to fall in love too. Gracie loves to travel, but her heart is forever at home with Archie, to whom she always returns. Her favourite time of day is just after sunset as her and Archie silently watch the stars come out one by one after a day well-spent.

Oscar the Oystercatcher

Unlike other Oystercatchers, Oscar believes he should live up to his name and only eat Oysters, preferably while listening to Bach. He finds it unfair that people compare penguins to men in tuxedos, as he thinks he looks just as dashing – and not at all comical as some would suggest. He has a fondness for fine dining and the opera, although he usually doesn’t meet the dress code requirements to attend either.

Lucky the Limpet

Nobody has told Lucky that Oscar the Oystercatcher, will never eat a Limpet – he is more likely to befriend them and take them to lunch rather than have one for lunch. She lives in fear of him, and shuts her shell tightly at the sound of Bach (Oscar’s favourite music). Lucky believes she has only survived this long because she must be as lucky as her name would suggest. On carefree days, she likes to roam from rock to rock and to surf and explore the tidal zone.

Hank the Hermit Crab

Hank is the original camper-van owner – he’s been bringing his home with him since he was little, and yes, he likes to live by the beach. He moves house from time to time, when he outgrows his old home. Carrying his home along with him, Hank is a free spirit, and sociable. He may rarely come out of his shell, but he is happy and outgoing. He resents the fact that people think hermit crabs are quiet & unsociable; a prejudice he seeks to eradicate through travelling & education.

George the Puffin

George the Puffin loves island life; he has many fond memories as a little puffling on the rocky island just off the coast, and still likes to spend his summers there. He’s a traditionalist at heart, and loves the strong community aspect of island life. He likes to look dapper, and when he’s not preening himself, he likes to take evening strolls on summer evenings to catch up with old friends.


Harriet the Seal

Harriet has a curious nature and likes to explore her surroundings, both above and below the waves. She has a particular interest in people-watching, and takes advantage of the busy summer months to observe the fascinating species called humans. She enjoys watching their curious boating, beach and land activities, while eavesdropping on their conversations sometimes makes her laugh. After a hard day of splashing around, she likes to relax on the rocky shores.

Joyce the Starfish

Joyce has always been curious about other worlds, particularly those beyond her reach. She has held a passion for astronomy since the day when she was little and Solomon the Octopus taught her about stars in the sky. On clear nights she likes to lie in her favourite rock pool and gaze at the multitudes of stars in the heavens.  

Solomon the Octopus

Ever since Solomon learned to read, he has always loved to learn, and so it was a natural progression for Solomon to become a teacher - just like his Mum before him. With eight arms, he can handle the most unruly of pupils - even Max the Crab soon learned that his crafty tricks were no match for teacher Solomon. He believes that no matter how young or old you are, there are always new things to learn - and fun to be had.  

Meet Archie the Gull & friends

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